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Titan Fibre Networks represents
the next generation of open access
dark fibre networks in Australia

Data Diversity

Queensland & Northern New South Wales digital connectivity to the world is reliant on terrestrial underground cables that extend from Sydney. Whilst this underground distribution system is highly interconnected, its infrastructure is also vulnerable to major risk.

This network exposure stems from several factors including environmental disasters such as floods, bushfires and storms, accidental and malicious damage, as well as general equipment and network malfunctions.

Latest Technology

The age, capacity, and lack of diversity of these networks limits the expansion of digital services to the households and businesses of Qld & the Northern NSW regions. The vulnerability of the existing services in Northern NSW has just been exposed by the recent floods of February 2022.

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Bringing data-diversity to Australia

Delivering network services to help overcome this digital divide is front & centre of Titan Fibre Networks rollout. Providing diversity to the region via an open-source dark fibre network, connected directly to undersea cables linking Southeast Qld to the digital world, will increase capacity, speed & competition to digital consumers in the region.

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