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Infrastructure Opportunities

Directly linking QLD & Northern NSW to the international digital world, TFN creates the opportunity for businesses, governments, and consumers in the region to engage in world leading digital activities.

This opens the prospect of supporting some of the world’s highest data usage industries such as research, education, health, technology, high end manufacturing, and internet service providers.

Simultaneously it will support unique data sovereignty solutions to cloud systems and providers, data solutions, defence applications and cyber security, whilst increasing speeds and providing greater capacity which will in turn propel Australia into the digital future.

Users of Digital Infrastructure


Food + Agribusiness

Tourism, sport + events

Innovation + entrepreneurship

Govt Health + Education services

Local Govt services

Private Health Services

Internet Service Providers

Impact on the future

TFN will empower QLD and Northern NSW to become the new lead in Australia for digital in a high technology world. With the demand and consumption of high-speed data doubling in the past two years, the urgency is ever increasing.

TFN is uniquely positioned with the resources to resolve this ever-increasing demand with the team to deliver world class fibre optic infrastructure for QLD and Northern NSW.